At Crimson, we help applicants passionate about technology and innovation obtain admission to their dream programs in Computer Science and Engineering. At Crimson, we pride ourselves on ensuring that future technology leaders deepen their knowledge and advance their careers in order to make a meaningful impact in the realms of Computer Science or Engineering.


Graduate Programs in CS and Engineering

Pursuing a master’s or PhD at institutions like MIT or Stanford’s Graduate School of Engineering is more than gaining a degree. It is about plunging into thriving ecosystems of innovation, where students can collaborate with leading academics and brilliant peers to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Top engineering programs offer students the opportunity to contribute to the research shaping tomorrow’s tech landscape, as well as open doors to opportunities in the world’s most influential tech companies, startups, and research labs through distinguished alumni communities. 

Ideal candidates for these programs are more than just technologically adept. They are problem-solvers, innovators, and visionaries. They have strong academic backgrounds, passion for their fields and the determination to tackle complex challenges. 

We believe the most meaningful advice comes from industry leaders, which is why we ensure each of our applicants receives guidance from top engineers for up-to-date inspiration and advice as they build out the practical elements of their profile with a dedicated application strategist.

Crimson’s Approach

We have a proven track record of success. Our process combines application consulting with cutting-edge career advice, which is why we ensure each of our clients receives guidance from active technology leaders as they build out the practical elements of their profile with a dedicated application strategist.

It can be difficult to translate your myriad experiences, aspirations, and activities into a cohesive narrative that fully reflects your personal qualities and stands out to an admissions board reviewing tens of thousands of applications. That is why we offer a comprehensive, high-touch service, ensuring each of our candidates has access to premier support along with Crimson’s full backing as they prepare to enter their dream programs and catalyze their professional development.

Our full service offering includes: candidacy assessment, resume/CV development, career mapping, personal narrative development, test preparation, program selection, reference letter advising, courses and extracurricular advising, interview prep, admissions board review, and post-admission support.

The earlier you begin working with us, the stronger and more developed your profile.

Successful Admits:

Meet Some of Our Expert Strategists


Chantal has a strong record of acceptances to UK G5 universities, as well as a selection of Ivy League schools, and other highly ranked European, Asian and Australian institutions.


Ahmed S

His work encompasses the development of machine learning models and computational tools in the biomedical sector. Ahmed's unwavering dedication to his research in precision medicine exemplifies his commitment to pushing the boundaries of STEM education.

Stanford, Princeton

Dr. Hector

As a seasoned Student Recruiter Consultant, Hector brings over 20 years of experience in STEM graduate school admissions, specializing in bioengineering, chemistry, and synthetic biology. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in guiding and advising students through the application process, ensuring their success in gaining acceptance into top-tiered Masters and PhD programs.