Crimson helps individuals passionate about making a difference through the application of law obtain admission to their dream JD or Masters of Laws (LLM) program. At Crimson, we pride ourselves on ensuring that future legal professionals have the rigorous training and career exposure to accomplish their goals and make an impact.


Law School

Attending a top law school to pursue a Juris Doctor (JD) or Master of Laws (LLM) is an unparalleled investment in your future. A JD program provides the fundamental legal education needed to practice law in the U.S. and sets the stage for a career in a variety of sectors, including private practice, public interest, government, and business. An LLM program offers the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of law or gain a broader understanding of the U.S. legal system, particularly valuable for international lawyers.

Top law schools offer rigorous academic training, honing your critical thinking, analytical, and argumentation skills. These schools also provide exposure to a breadth of legal disciplines and distinguished faculty, often leading scholars or practitioners in their fields. The alumni networks of top law schools, influential and globally spread, can be instrumental in securing clerkships, internships, and job opportunities at prestigious law firms, corporations, and government agencies.

JD programs often attract those with a passion for law, a strong academic record, exceptional critical thinking skills, leadership qualities, and a strong ethical compass. They can clearly articulate how a legal education aligns with their career aspirations. LLM programs often appeal to those who have prior legal experience and a clear understanding of how an LLM degree will enhance their specialization. Both of these programs in law schools cater to those driven by a desire to use legal knowledge to shape the world for the better.

Crimson’s Approach

We have a proven track record of success. Our process combines application consulting with cutting-edge career advice, which is why we ensure each of our clients receives guidance from active industry leaders as they build out the practical elements of their profile with a dedicated application strategist.

It can be difficult to translate your myriad experiences, aspirations, and activities into a cohesive narrative that fully reflects your core values and stands out to an admissions board reviewing tens of thousands of applications. That is why we offer a comprehensive, high-touch service, ensuring each of our candidates has access to premier support along with Crimson’s full backing as they prepare to enter their dream programs and catalyze their professional development.

Our full service offering includes: candidacy assessment, resume/CV development, career mapping, personal narrative development, test preparation, program selection, reference letter advising, courses and extracurricular advising, interview prep, admissions board review, and post-admission support.

The earlier you begin working with us, the stronger and more developed your profile

Successful Admits:

Meet Some of Our Expert Strategists


Nadia worked as an immigration attorney at a non-profit where she successfully helped hundreds of individuals obtain Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

B.A. JD, UC Berkeley


As a lawyer in Pakistan, she represented pro bono prisoners on death row, leading to the release of one of her clients who was wrongfully sentenced to death at the age of 17 and was on the death row for 21 years, while also representing pro bono survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

LLM, Harvard & UOP

Ahmed F.

In terms of professional experience, Ahmed has worked at NGOs, think-tanks, and universities in various academic and research based capacities.

LLM, Cambridge