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Crimson helps young professionals, recent graduates, and current undergraduates take the first steps towards their dream programs in government, political science, and international relations. At Crimson, we pride ourselves on ensuring that future world leaders develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to navigate, influence, and lead an increasingly interconnected world.

Social Science & Humanities
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We believe the most poignant advice comes from active leaders, which is why we ensure our applicants receive access to our experienced strategist team of faculty and political consultants for up-to-date inspiration and advice as they build out the practical elements of their profile with a dedicated application strategist.

Graduate Programs in Political Science and International Relations

A graduate degree in the fields of political science and international relations from a top program is an investment not just in a student’s personal and professional growth, but in the betterment of society. Students in these programs often delve deeply into the complexities of global affairs and cultivate the skills to become a thought leader and make a profound impact in their area of expertise. 

Programs like Harvard’s Ph.D. in Political Science and Georgetown University’s Master’s in International Relations have historically produced exceptional scholars, known for their aptitude in research, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Top programs offer the opportunity to learn from leading scholars, engage with high-impact research, and network with a global community of future leaders and policymakers. 

Graduate programs in political science and international relations often attract candidates with strong academic backgrounds in related fields like economics, history, sociology, law, or even STEM subjects, displaying a multi-disciplinary approach to their understanding of global issues. Apart from academic pursuits, these applicants often have a history of engagement leading student governments, political campaigns, or debate clubs. They exhibit strong leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills. Ultimately, a top graduate program in Political Science or International Relations doesn't just equip students with in-depth knowledge and robust analytical skills. It opens up opportunities to influence policy, shape international relations, contribute to academic scholarship, or lead in public, private, or non-profit sectors.

Crimson’s Approach

We have a proven track record of success. Our process combines application consulting with cutting-edge career advice, which is why we ensure each of our clients receives guidance from active leaders as they build out the practical elements of their profile with a dedicated application strategist.

It can be difficult to translate your myriad experiences, aspirations, and activities into a cohesive narrative that fully reflects your core values and stands out to an admissions board reviewing tens of thousands of applications. That is why we offer a comprehensive, high-touch service, ensuring each of our candidates has access to premier support along with Crimson’s full backing as they prepare to enter their dream programs and catalyze their professional development.

Our full service offering includes: candidacy assessment, resume/CV development, career mapping, personal narrative development, test preparation, scholarship search, program selection, reference letter advising, courses and extracurricular advising, interview prep, admissions board review, and post-admission support.

The earlier you begin working with us, the stronger and more developed your profile.

Successful Admits:

Meet Some of Our Expert Strategists


Chantal has a strong record of acceptances to UK G5 universities, as well as a selection of Ivy League schools, and other highly ranked European, Asian and Australian institutions.



Her specialist area at work is China's domestic climate policy and international environment law. Taylah's work has been featured in international publications such as The Diplomat, The China Project. She has also been a scholarship recipient for the United Nations Youth Assembly as a Climate Entrepreneur and One Young World Summit.



Nadia worked as an immigration attorney at a non-profit where she successfully helped hundreds of individuals obtain Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

B.A. JD, UC Berkeley

Harry B.

As well as working in a major global law firm, Harry also worked for four-star U.S. General Stanley A. McChrystal (U.S. Army, ret.), where he delivered on projects aimed at changing people's understanding and practices of leadership.


Ahmed F.

In terms of professional experience, Ahmed has worked at NGOs, think-tanks, and universities in various academic and research based capacities.

LLM, Cambridge